Kanye West Reaches 'Resolution' in Lloyd's of London Lawsuit

Kanye West

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, West had sued Lloyd's of London for $10 million last August.

The company said that West's reason for the cancellations were not really beyond his control.

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West had infamously cancelled 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour after he was hospitalised for "exhaustion" and spent eight days in a psychiatric centre in Los Angeles. Kanye's touring company Very Good Entertainment was also named in the suit. Lloyd's of London also alleged that there are substantial irregularities in West's medical history that is why the company can not grant him insurance benefits. West's hospitalization at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center occurred in November, 2016, after West exhibited freaky behavior at several concerts with comments made on stage about Donald Trump and tirades directed at other musicians.

A Press Association report published by the Irish Independent said representatives from the opposing sides requested the case's dismissal, with lawyers Howard King (West's) and Paul Schrieffer (insurer's) not commenting further or offering details of the settlement. Apparently, the insurance policy had certain exclusions listed - including preexisting psychological conditions, possession of illegal drugs, the abuse of prescription medication and/or alcohol. In fact, the whole thing is about to go away, as West's company and Lloyd's of London filed a joint stipulation asking the California federal court to dismiss the case.

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