LHS students take walk in support of Parkland

Students in Waukesha could be disciplined for attending March 14 walkout without parental permission

Students in Waukesha could be disciplined for attending March 14 walkout without parental permission

Dozens of Simon Kenton High School students gathered outside at noon chanting "Never again!"

"Lumberton was the only school who contacted me directly about a walkout today", Wooten said Wednesday. MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman said normal attendance procedures are followed when students leave class, so parents will be notified if their kids were absent. "I'm not going to wait for it". Shown is the text message about a possible student walkout at Fairmont High School on Friday that Principal Ronald Kent Prater shared with school district Interim Superintendent Shanita Wooten.

"Your parents will be notified that you were not present for class, but my guess is they already know".

"We didn't want it to happen where students were jeopardizing their safety, (with) the staff not knowing where they were if they were going to walk out potentially", he said.

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The gun control group Everytown USA says there have been 17 instances of gunfire in schools this year, and the Florida shooting was the deadliest since the 2012 incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed 20 lives.

"In my opinion it's sad that it's taken this long for people to get this upset about it", said Henry Charman, a senior at Hellgate who helped to organize the walkout.

That's why she and some of her peers on Wednesday night asked the Chico Unified School District board to approve a mandate to take part in the #enough National School Walk Out on March 14th. "We understand they see it as way to make a difference and change culture". He suspects it was related to the protest, and if a student is found responsible, he or she will be charged with a misdemeanor. We are protesting against gun violence, so we can feel safe in our school and keep getting the education we need without being scared of getting shot.

School administrators say teachers did not encourage students to do the walkout but they did support their decision to do it. "That it's not just them alone in this fight and that the students are working together". "We are sensitive to the fact that many in our TUSD community were deeply affected by Florida's recent tragedy, and we want to ensure our school environment remains orderly and safe". One by one, several students stood atop a wall to address the assemblage.

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