Mac and iOS bug crashes apps with a single character

Mac and iOS bug crashes apps with a single character

Mac and iOS bug crashes apps with a single character

It does the same to third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail as well.

We know some hardcore iFans might be disappointed to hear this year's iOS 12 update is unlikely to bring many new bells and whistles to either iPhone X generation, but there's nearly no doubt Apple's decision to focus more on software stability and reliability is the right one. The bug seems to be fixed on the latest iOS 11.3 developer beta already, though it's affecting the latest, public version of iOS which is what the majority of iPhone users are now using. Apparently, watchOS apps don't fare any better, while the character will also crash Mac software such as Note, Safari and the App Store, according to Mobile World. These tips apply to iOS 11 specifically, so if you haven't upgraded yet be sure to do so to gain these great new features on your iOS devices. Messaging apps will not open as they are unable to load the bad character.

A character from the Indian Telugu language will crash multiple applications on iOS and macOS, an Italian blogger has discovered. That automatically crashes the messaging app.

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"In this case, the entire Springboard will be blocked". We'll show you how to customize this view and access some of the new iOS 11 features in Control Center. There's no guarantee that this will work for everyone, but The Verge says it worked for them.

On an iPhone, the issue is a pain as once you receive a message wth the character, you can not get back into Messages until someone sends you a new message and you open it from the notification. You can ask a friend to send you another message and try to delete the thread containing the troublesome character.

It merits mentioning here that iOS 11.3 already has a fix for the problem since all available betas of iOS 11.3 are protected against this.

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