McDonald's Is Taking Cheeseburgers Out Of The Happy Meal

McDonald's cheeseburger

McDonald's Is Taking Cheeseburgers Out Of The Happy Meal

Cheeseburgers, like chocolate milk, which will also be deleted from the kid-friendly menu, will be available upon request.

McDonald's is making Happy Meals healthier. They'll do this by limiting the menu to a hamburger, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, and 6-piece Chicken McNuggets. McDonald's is reformulating its chocolate milk to reduce the amount of sugar - until the reformulation process is complete, chocolate milk will no longer be listed on the Happy Meal menu and will only be available at customer request. Braun says "it needs to be led by the customer.' The fast-food giant needs to see the demand is there". Aside from those guidelines, they will also work on removing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives when they can, and will be transparent about nutrition information for customers. The company said that as per the plan, it's popular fast food item would have saturated fat of 10 percent, added sugar of 10 percent and sodium of 650 mg.

Burgers and chicken nuggets are still the mainstay of the Happy Meal.

Kenneth Wong, marketing professor at the Smith's School of Business at Queen's University, said it's not a coincidence that McDonald's is sprucing up the Happy Meal image now.

The company is positioning the announcement right up top as "an expanded commitment to families, supporting the company's long-term global growth plan by leveraging its reach to impact children's meals, access to reading, and keeping families together through Ronald McDonald House Charities".

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This isn't the first time McDonald's has made moves to make Happy Meals healthier.

McDonald's has been tinkering with Happy Meals for several years in response to pressure from public health groups, and to lawsuits for using toys to market to kids. McDonald's Australia is "currently exploring new vegetable and lean protein options and McDonald's France is looking at new vegetable offerings", the company said in a statement. The company said the number of Happy Meals ordered with water, milk or juice jumped by 14 percentage points.

Today, we applaud McDonald's leadership in offering healthier kids' meals that will considerably increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, water and low-fat dairy for millions of families globally.

McDonald's' Happy Meal renovation stems from its partnership with the Alliance for Healthier Generation.

In December, the chain began offering a new apple juice variety with Happy Meals that it says has 45 fewer calories and half the total sugar than the prior one. "This sets a high bar, and we hope other industry leaders will follow suit". "We're committed to exploring new options".

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