Meek Mill arresting officer on list of police suspected of being tainted

Cop Who Arrested Meek Mill Has Apparently Admitted to Lying, Roughing Up Rapper

Meek Mill's Lawyer Thinks He Should be Freed, After Arresting Officer Accused of Police Misconduct

In the docs, Meek says Graham admitted to a fellow officer he'd roughed up Meek during his arrest. Sources told The Philadelphia Inquirer Tuesday that Graham, who retired from the department past year, was included on the list. As we've reported, the rapper's been on probation ever since then, and he's now in prison for violating that probation.

To make matters worst, Meek's lawyers were not initially aware that Graham was on the list. Officers with repeat infractions were flagged and placed on the list, and prosecutors seeking their testimony in court were reportedly required to obtain permission from "top officials of the District Attorneys Office".

According to new court documents filed on Tuesday (Feb. 14), the officer who arrested Meek in 2007-Reginald Graham-has a history of making dirty arrests and the rapper's team wants his testimony thrown out.

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While some reports claim the office created the list in 2017, others say earlier versions may date back as far as the 1990s. In 2007, he was the arresting officer for Meek who had violated his probation on a drug/gun charge. Graham, Gibson said, falsely accused the then 19-year-old of pointing a gun at police as they attempted to arrest him outside of a suspected drug stash house in Southwest Philadelphia.

The list hasn't been made public and doesn't provide specifics on what Graham did, but his former partner testified in a deposition that he and Graham used to steal together.

Ross actually referenced a The Inquirer story about an ex-officer accusing a former colleague this week of lying under oath a decade ago to get Meek pinned to gun and drug charges. However, the federal trial led the city to drop 800 cases and freed many defendants, and paved the way for dozens of successful civil suits against the city of Philadelphia.

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