Pennsylvania set to begin rollout of medical marijuana program

Pennsylvania set to begin rollout of medical marijuana program

Pennsylvania set to begin rollout of medical marijuana program

Expiration: The recommended guidance will remain in effect until the Pennsylvania Department of Education promulgates regulations regarding the possession and use of medical marijuana in the commonwealth's schools.

But it could be next week, said an Altoona doctor approved to distribute medical marijuana cards.

A dispensary in Bethlehem will have medical marijuana for sale starting Friday, the governor's office announced.

Organic Remedies in Hampden Township is among the first medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to open.

With the opening of the dispensaries, the state can now start getting this "important medicine to people who are suffering", Levine said.

Ten dispensaries and 10 growers have been approved to operate, and more than 17,000 patients have registered to participate. Physicians continue to register to participate in the program.

Over 4,000 patients in Pennsylvania have been certified by a doctor so far. The medication will be legally available by prescription in pill, oil or ointment for patients suffering from one of the state's 17 qualifying conditions, from epilepsy and Parkinson's disease to autism and Crohn's disease.

Pennsylvania set to begin rollout of medical marijuana program

Medical marijuana availed in market from today at the approved dispensaries for the patients in Pennsylvania.

"You forget, sort of, what that initial patient, that initial purchase, how long they've been waiting for it", Bachtell said.

Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program will record its first sales in the Lehigh Valley this week, nearly two years after becoming law.

The state has no immediate plans to intervene to set prices statewide, she said. Others expected to open their doors in the near future include facilities in Bethlehem, Pittsburgh and Enola that will open Friday; and dispensaries in Sellersville and Devon that are slated to open Saturday.

The Butler dispensary is just the first that will open. "I can't quite put into words how many years and how much dedicated grass roots activism went into changing attitudes in Harrisburg, to bringing people around to understanding that not only is medical cannabis inot harmful, but it has incredible medical efficacy".

Carl Shaw of Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood shows a medical card that allows him to buy medical marijuana at a Butler dispensary.

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