Sessions Lashes Out at GOP Senator Over Marijuana Policy Dispute

Sessions Lashes Out at GOP Senator Over Marijuana Policy Dispute

Sessions Lashes Out at GOP Senator Over Marijuana Policy Dispute

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday warned the US Senate Judiciary Committee to not approve a draft criminal sentencing reform bill that he claims would reduce sentences for "a highly risky cohort of criminals". It's just getting to be frustrating, I've gotta tell you.

In December 2017, the city sued Sessions after the Department of Justice withheld over $1.5 million in federal grant money due to Philadelphia's noncompliance with federal immigration policies.

Gardner will release holds on 12 USA attorney nominees, the head of the national security division and US marshals in every federal district.

There is no permanent presidential appointee at the Justice Department in charge of combating terrorism because a Republican senator has put discretionary federal marijuana enforcement above US national security in his priorities. Gardener, who voted to confirm Sessions a year ago based on a promise that marijuana enforcement would not be a priority, says he feels duped over the reversal of an Obama-era memo that has allowed states to experiment with marijuana legalization. "But because right now one senator's concerns over unrelated issues - like reversing federal law against marijuana - we can't even get a vote".

Pakistan will pay for this misadventure
Three terrorists have been eliminated. " Dialogue with Pakistan is necessary if we are to end the bloodshed". Security forces also killed three militants.

Sessions is a staunch opponent of "sanctuary cities" across the nation, and Philadelphia has frequently found itself in resistance with the attorney general's policies.

The 2 men met in January to hash out their differences, and "there was no breakthrough", according to Senator Gardner. But the Senator is not letting up until an agreement is made.

He also has blamed marijuana for directly helping fuel the ongoing opioid epidemic, and earlier this year he revoked Obama-era guidance that urged federal prosecutors not to prioritize marijuana cases in states where it is legal.

We need our nominees confirmed. Advocates of softer sentences on both sides of the aisle hoped Sessions' recently-announced support for prison reform would leak into the front of the justice system. More than 55 percent of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in 2012. There is now some talk about Congressional action. But there still isn't enough support Capitol Hill to bring this issue to a head in 2018.

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