Switch Owners will get an Outdated Version of Payday 2

Above The Play Station 4 Pro rocking some dark wood. Image Credit Toast

Above The Play Station 4 Pro rocking some dark wood. Image Credit Toast

"'Payday 2" is releasing on Switch with content up to and including the "Most Wanted" update, which is equivalent to the content released through mid-2017 on PC", Starbreeze told Polygon.

The boost in sales certainly do come at a unusual time - especially considering the prominence of the Switch as well as all of the new games that it supports.

The Nintendo Switch version of "Payday 2" is set to be released on February 27 in the United States. "PS4 and Xbox One received one additional update after that, the "Master Plan' update, which released near the end of 2017". It was more than enough information for the fans to realize that Switch is getting the outdated version.

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In a statement to Polygon, publisher Starbreeze Studios clarified some details on the upcoming release of Payday 2 on the Nintendo Switch, which is set to arrive later this week in Europe and at the end of the month for the U.S. on the system. Oh, and maybe just a few months' worth of updates. Starbreeze noted that the reason they went with an older version so that it could release the game for Switch in such an early timeframe, in time for the fifth anniversary of the series. "There are future content updates planned for Switch, as well". On the other hand, PCs recently got update 172, making the gap crystal clear. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella confirmed that the console managed to sell more units than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the gap between the best selling and the third best in dollar sales is only 3 percent.

It's hard to identify a trend in one surprisingly successful month, of course.

"Also, I don't expect any patches for the Switch Version and nobody who buys it should either". For Nintendo Switch, the title features 1080p resolution in TV mode and 720p in handheld mode.

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