Tillerson Says US Mideast 'Peace Plan' Fairly Well Advanced

Tillerson Says US Mideast 'Peace Plan' Fairly Well Advanced

Tillerson Says US Mideast 'Peace Plan' Fairly Well Advanced

Jordan, a longtime partner of the US and one of only two Arab nations to have full diplomatic relations with Israel, plays an instrumental role in the region and in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

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It's an existential issue for Jordan, which hosts more than 2 million Palestinian refugees, according to a 2016 report by UNRWA, with almost 370,000 in 10 refugee camps across the country.

Despite repeated threats to punish countries that don't agree with USA policy in the Middle East, the Trump administration is set to boost aid to Jordan by more than $1 billion over the next five years.

The new agreement represents a 27 percent increase in the U.S.' previous $1-billion annual commitment to Jordan, while bolstering its length from three to five years to give Jordan "greater certainty in planning for the future", Tillerson said.

Reaffirming the strength of ties, Safadi said: "The US is a true friend and solid partner to Jordan". Jordanian officials were disturbed by Trump's Jerusalem announcement and said it could hurt efforts to forge a two-state solution to the conflict. For FY 2017, we are providing $1.3 billion in bilateral foreign assistance and $200 million in Department of Defense support to Jordan's Armed Forces.

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"Our views are different via Jerusalem, but the challenge now is how to move forward and how to make sure a hard situation does not get worse", Safadi added.

"But the president was clear also on his statement and as I just indicated in my statement, that the final status, the final borders in Jerusalem, are up to the parties to decide".

"We have differences as any countries may have from time to time, over tactics I think more than final objectives", Tillerson said. "I will say it's fairly well advanced, is what I would say", Tillerson said. Trump and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley both have spoken in favor of cutting aid to nations that don't back the administration's positions.

"Let them vote against us", Trump said at the time. Many saw the U.S. move as potentially prejudicing the outcome, though the administration has insisted that should not be the case.

Tillerson said continued USA funding for the United Nations agency would depend in part on whether other donors step up their contributions.

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