VENEZUELA: Lima Group Rejects Call For Elections In The Country

VENEZUELA: Lima Group Rejects Call For Elections In The Country

VENEZUELA: Lima Group Rejects Call For Elections In The Country

The document also said that the government of Peru chose to reconsider the invitation to the Venezuelan government to the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, and declared that Maduro would "not be welcome", despite the formal invitation sent by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to the Venezuelan delegation.

Maduro is the only candidate so far to announce he's running.

Last week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced stricter border controls between the two countries and blamed socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro for Venezuela's current predicament.

In a statement, the 14 countries said the election would not be free and fair as long as Venezuela has political prisoners, the opposition was not fully participating and Venezuelans overseas were not allowed to vote.

The decision left thousands of Venezuelans in Florida without consular representation.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos appealed Tuesday for more worldwide assistance to cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to escape Venezuela's imploding economy.

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"I want to repeat to President Maduro: this is the result of your policies, it is not the fault of Colombians and it's the result of your refusal to receive humanitarian aid which has been offered in every way, not just from Colombia but from the global community", Santos said.

"We have been shamelessly threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have the obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee peace", Maduro declared at a military parade past year. "We need them because unfortunately this problem gets worse day by day", Santos said at an event in Bogota.

Colombia has estimated that it costs $5 per day to give each Venezuelan migrant food and lodging.

In addition, The Washington Post has reported that the economic crisis in Venezuela has also spawned an orphanage crisis as parents made a decision to give up children they can neither feed or cared for. Several members, notably including Colombia, have said they would not recognize the results of the election.

Colombia and Venezuela have a long history of diplomatic and territorial disputes.

"We have so many problems in our own country, and that's what we are exclusively dedicated to and focused on", Mejia said, according to The Bogota Post.

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