White House Denies Netanyahu's Claim of Talks on Israeli Settlement Annexation Deal

Then-Prime Minister Designate Benjamin Netanyahu listens to then-outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Jerusalem

Then-Prime Minister Designate Benjamin Netanyahu listens to then-outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Jerusalem

Police on Tuesday said they had found sufficient evidence for the 68-year-old Netanyahu to be charged with bribery in two separate cases, presenting him with one of the biggest challenges to his long dominance of Israeli politics. This case in known as Case 1000.

The name of Ratan Tata figures in the Israeli police recommendations seeking to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on graft charges, according to an Israeli media report, which was on Wednesday dismissed by the industrialist's office as "grossly incorrect" in its references about him. Previously he held the position from 1996 to 1999.

Both polls showed that about half of Israelis believe the allegations against Netanyahu, at least in Case 1000, in which Netanyahu was accused of accepting extravagant gifts from millionaire Arnon Milchin, mostly cigars and champagne.

The State's Attorney is reportedly upset the police forced upon them an unprepared case against Netanyahu.

An ashen-faced Netanyahu said in a televised address: "I will continue to lead the state of Israel responsibly and loyally as long as you, the citizens of Israel, choose me to lead you". "And I am sure that also in the next election that will take place on time I will win your trust again with God's help". "We will continue to work together with you for the people of Israel until the end of our term", he said to a gathering of local government officials in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu says he is as confident as always that "the truth will come to light and nothing will come of this".

Earlier the same day, at a Likud party meeting, Netanyahu mentioned talks with the U.S.in his defense of a decision to defer a Knesset bill on Israel annexing West Bank settlements.

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"Something very, very dramatic happened last night, a kind of quake, but as far as changes in the political arena, I don't see that yet", political scientist Abraham Diskin of Hebrew University said in an interview with The Israel Project NGO.

It said Netanyahu had accepted gifts valued at 750,000 shekels ($214,000) from Milchan, and 250,000 shekels (or $71,000) from Packer.

Culture Minister Miri Regev said the gifts Netanyahu received from American billionaire Arnon Milchan that were cited in the bribery charge were merely "relations between friends".

The statement said Tata told police that Milchan "was requested by a member of the Israeli security team to assist in preparing a concept plan for the project", but that he has never discussed the project with him.

Police recommended on Tuesday that he be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of public trust.

The decision is not expected imminently.

In addition, Mr Netanyahu's most important political rival, and his former minister of finance, has agreed to testify against his former boss about the shady laws he was allegedly pressured to formulate but refused to pass. His coalition partners, so far, have backed him, saying they will not take down the government over a police conclusion.

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