Woman Kicked Off Flight Due to Period Pain

Woman kicked off flight after crew heard her talking about period pain

Beth Evans and Josh Moran

Beth Evans, a 24-year-old teaching assistant from the United Kingdom was flying from Dubai to Birmingham when Emirates staff noticed she was in difficulty.

The couple claim an Emirates flight attendant raise the alarm after overhearing Ms Evans complaining.

"Beth was in tears and getting upset when the hostess was asking her questions", the Birmingham-based barber tells The Sun.

A young couple have blasted Emirates Airways, claiming they were ordered off their worldwide flight to Dubai when a flight attendant overheard the woman complain about her period pains.

She insisted that the pain was mild, describing it as "one out of ten" when sitting down.

A young woman was ordered off an worldwide flight after complaining of period pains, it emerged today.

"To be kicked off for period pains, it was madness", said Joshua.

Doctors have slammed the decision, saying that periods are a natural process and women who have period pains know how bad it can get.

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An Emirates spokesperson has defended the crew's actions.

Beth Evans, 24, and Joshua Moran, 26, were forced to rebook their flights for £250 ($350) each after they were asked to step down from their £400 ($559) flight from Birmingham to Dubai.

According to the airline, the decision to request medical support and offload Evans so she could receive assistance came from the plane's captain.

Emirates said in a statement that safety of passengers and crew is paramount importance and they did not wish to endanger Ms Evans by delaying medical help if her condition worsened.

The incident saw Evans and Moran pay $AU444 each to rebook their flights to Dubai.

The 26-year-old added: 'They didn't have anyone look her over.

Airlines can refuse to carry passengers with conditions that may worsen or have serious consequences during the flight.

As there wasn't a doctor on the scene, Daniel says the crew contacted a medical team in the United States who decided Beth couldn't fly.

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