Yakuza 6 delayed to April 17, demo coming on February 27

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Yakuza 6 delayed to April 17, demo coming on February 27

Sega announced today that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life's release date will be pushed back a month.

Coincidentally that April 17 release date lands Yakuza 6 in a busy week for video games, three days before the launch of both God of War on PS4 and Nintendo Labo.

Reached for comment, Sega declined to provide any details on the reasons for the delay; the company described it on Twitter as "a tough business decision we didn't make lightly". Yakuza 6 is also coming to the West this year, but the third title in two years will take a bit longer to be released.

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No one likes to hear about a delay, but this bit of news for Yakuza 6 certainly softens the blow. The game was previously scheduled to launch worldwide on March 20. The demo will be available in the PlayStation Store and allow people to create save data that can be carried over to the full version of the game.

What happened? Did Sega notify Yakuza's social media manager of the delay while the person was on the toilet, forcing them to hastily tap out the announcement to get the news up as soon as possible?

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