"American Idol" Returned to Television and Viewers Were NOT Happy About It

Noah Davis sings

"American Idol" Returned to Television and Viewers Were NOT Happy About It

That May, guitar-strumming Allen somehow triumphed over cock-rock revivalist Lambert, but the latter won a much bigger crown by becoming the last Idol contestant most non-fans can still pick out of a lineup in 2018.

A montage that kicks off the season, narrated by former victor Carrie Underwood, features the requisite shots of classic Americana: flags waving in the breeze, Midwestern landscapes and parents with children. It will be interesting to see if American Idol can regain the stature it once had in its early years. As promised, the episode on Sunday did not highlight bad auditions. It even inspired a New Yorker cartoonist. It's just for us. Quirky. Singer-songwriter. "21st Century Machine" original song. Wow.

The rest of the night ambles along at a familiar pace, as we're mostly introduced to decent singers like bespectacled goofball Catie Turner from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, who refers to the boom mic above her as a "corn cob" and laments, "What if Katy Perry thinks I'm unusual?"

She then told Lionel Richie to "touch it", but the "All Night Long" singer couldn't hide his shock as he reached over. Back to the audition. He sang "Let it Go" by James Bay. He has a bit of a crooner's voice, but it's not good. "I don't want the outside world to mess with your attractive brain". "It happened to me", she says, no doubt inspiring millions of smiles. These new judges seem to be up for drawing blood as well. But with that nod to what came before, we enter into new, but familiar territory, as judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan take their seats at the table. Katy announces that Harper is "kind of like a dream for Hollywood to carve out", which sounds more menacing than complimentary, to be honest.

Maddie Poppe, 19, Clarksville, IA.

Koby, 26, Denver, CO. She just did a bunch of runs and screaming. "I stand by him", said Frot-Coutaz. The woman embarrasses herself all the way out the door. As the most popular star on the panel, Perry might be expected to offer the best insights about the state of the recording industry, but instead she dances with contestants and offers generic feedback. She is definitely better than her 11-year-old self and her song "Yard Song", is well-written. She's straight-up country should've sang something country. She's off to Hollywood. You can be sure we'll be closely following her story as well! "I'm an excited, happy, fired-up yes". He gets an A+ from me and a golden ticket from the judges. She gets a ticket to Hollywood. The trio listened to various hopefuls auditioning before it was cashier Benjamin Glaze's turn to try his luck. Adorably, Katie gives Benjamin a kiss, knocking him off his feet. "If you don't have that moving forward, I feel like you can't appreciate it at the top". Well, that was interesting and he finishes his audition with a burp!

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Things get back on track with Brandon Diaz, a 21-year-old from Virginia who warms hearts with both his falsetto and his relationship with his dad.

He is followed by the down-to-earth Noah Davis from Royal, Arkansas and he's 18 years old. Such a nice kid.

In Los Angeles, Michelle Sussett is the first to try out, and she catches the judges' attention by dancing while belting out a Spanish language song.

Upon that admission, Katy told the teenager, "Come here right now!" He got three yes votes.

In its heyday, "American Idol" dominated television and online chatter. What competition did he win? All three judges pushed him through to the next round. He's been made fun of for his high-pitched voice. Wait, what?! His voice completely changed to a lower register. In the words of Katy Perry: "Wig: snatched!" I'm very cut and dry sometimes. "I think Kary's just a little jealous". And he does not get a golden ticket.

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