Bluepoint Confirms That It Is Working On Another Remake

Bluepoint Confirms That It Is Working On Another Remake

Bluepoint Confirms That It Is Working On Another Remake

Digital Foundry had the opportunity to talk with the team about the technology powering its latest release, and asked whether the expanded art team brought on for the project would be deployed next on an original game.

In an interview with Digital Foundry, a Eurogamer video team that analyses the framerates and other technical aspects of video games, Bluepoint Games confirmed that their next project is going to be another remake.

We're doing exactly what Ratchet and Clank is doing which is actually rendering a native 1440p frame and injecting it temporarily into a 4K buffer, so the actual final output that we're sending to the hardware with the UI and stuff is 4K and really just calling it 1440p is kind of lying a little bit, because over time the temporal jittering of the rendering will give you a higher-quality result than a single 1440p frame. The studio grew for its previous project, particularly the art department, but the developer is looking to expand further to be able to do more with the next remake.

That all said, the question becomes: what remake is Bluepoint Games working on? It is an interesting peek into the industry and speaks to the dedication and hard work Bluepoint had put into their remakes, not just Shadow of the Colossus.

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Bluepoint did not reveal any details on the next game that it will remake. At the time, no definitive reason was provided, though it being more than nine years old isn't a bad one. However, with the recent announcement of Dark Souls Remastered, it may be too many Souls remakes/remasters at once.

Then earlier this week, Atlus USA (the publisher of the game in North America), filed a trademark with the ESRB for Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 3. One of the clues is that Sony shut down the game's servers shortly after its ninth anniversary without any explanation. Or, it's possible the trademark has something to do with a (said while whispering) PlayStation 4 remake.

So gamers, are you excited about this next remake from Bluepoint? However, some people believe that they have already identified the next game that will be receiving the remake treatment from Bluepoint. Miyazaki, often pestered with questions of a Demon's Souls remake, also has pointed out that such a decision can only come from Sony, who own the rights to the IP. But again, take all of this with a grain of salt.

It seems that after the success of Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4, Bluepoint realized they have the full foundation to push even further.

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