Drive around Google Maps with Super Mario

Drive around Google Maps with Super Mario

Drive around Google Maps with Super Mario

Google on Saturday began rolling out a feature in its Maps app (for both Android and iOS) that will turn any ride into a fun trip as users can now include a Mario Kart on the navigation interface while using the app.

Once enabled, users would notice that the regular navigation arrow has morphed into Mario - the 1990s' video game character - complete with his iconic Mario Kart.

"Mario Mode" will be available for a week, according to Nintendo. A question mark (?) will now appear next to "Start Navigation". Happily, the easter egg is not geo-restricted, so users in Malaysia can navigate to their next destination on Google Maps with the "Let's Go!" quip by the plumber.

The gimmick was announced as a celebration for March 10, named "Mario Day", because "MAR10" looks a little like the word "Mario" when written down. And even as they encourage you to share a screenshot of your route with Mario, they also caution about having any personal details like your home address on the image that you will share with the hashtag #MarioMaps.

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But lest you think this gives you permission to drive as Mario would in his Super Go Kart game, Google reminds people to drive safely.

Announced by Nintendo of America, the feature works once you input a destination and choose your vehicle as a auto.

Activate it by clicking the question mark block in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

Just watch out for Blue Shells out there.


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