Google Duo gets a new 30-second Video message update

Google Duo gets a new 30-second Video message update

Google Duo gets a new 30-second Video message update

With video messages on Google Duo, users can now capture and share important moments, even when the receiver can't take the call.

Video messages will automatically disappear within a day after it's seen. And after you've watched their video message, you can tap the "Call now" button to easily call that person right back.

According to a report by Android Police, Google has added an option in the Google Contacts app that would allow its users to send money via Google Pay.

Google says that messages in Duo will be end-to-end encrypted and short-living. There's now no option for requesting funds from a contact, but it's a nice integration nonetheless. Also, users can save their favorite videos locally to their phone. However, you can start recording your message after a call rings for 60 seconds without any answer from the other end.

To play a video message received from another user, users need to simply tap their icon. All downloaded messages will be saved to your device.

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Starting today, Duo users can send a video message to their friend or family member, who will receive it in the app.

Google's video chats mobile app was announced at the company's developer conference in May 2016 and began its worldwide release in August of the same year. While Google already provides different ways for its users to send money to each other, it might soon allow its users to send money from within the Google Contacts app as well.

This is all part of Google's plan to improve the general video conferencing experience.

Do you use Google Pay Send? It's just a change of name really, and the feature still offers the same function as before. The app also lets users make audio-only calls.

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