Neil deGrasse Tyson delivers proof the Earth is round

Neil de Grasse Tyson Proves the Earth is Round

Neil de Grasse Tyson Proves the Earth is Round

In a new video, Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses all of those facts and more when dispelling the idiotic theory that the Earth is flat, and it's a lovely sight. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, author, and a television show host has dissed the flat earth theory a number of times. He even pointed out evidence collected by ancient Greeks as well as modern space observations. Indeed, flat-Earthers are making their voice known more and more, as recently, they claimed SpaceX's launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket was fake.

RealityCheck46 says, "I'm appalled that in the 21st century anyone would actually believe the earth is flat".

So why does it seem like more and more people are subscribing to the flat Earth theory?

Tyson opens the 9-minute video on Youtube with the phrase "We have video from space of the rotating spherical Earth, The Earth is round" when co-host Chuck asks if the Earth is flat or round.

Other Flat Earthers believe that Antarctica is a giant ice wall around the outside of our (flat) planet.

Although some of them may turn out a little distorted because they rotate too fast, nearly everything found in the universe is spheres, except for asteroids and some other few.

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The first test involves watching a lunar eclipse.

And then there's the much more straightforward argument that if you watch a ship sail off, you'll eventually see it disappear into the horizon, and it would only disappear from view if it's moving on a round surface. Instead, a perfectly round shadow is cast during such phenomenon. Eratosthenes stated that when he looked for the bottom of the well in Syene, the bottom was clearly visible at the noontime but when he observed the other well in Alexandria at noontime, the bottom was not clearly visible.

Tyson gave two explanations for this. Second is that the planet is flat but only has a small sun. His view differs from that of astronomer and author Stuart Clark, who told Business Insider UK earlier this year that he believes flat-Earthers are simply being amusing by saying that Earth is flat.

Towards the end of the video, Tyson blames the faltering U.S. education system for the number of Flat Earthers that have sprung up in the country, noting that it's not so much about teaching children long-known facts, but also about teaching them how to effectively reason.

"Our system needs to train you not only what to know, but how to think about information and knowledge and evidence", said Tyson. "If we don't have that kind of training, you'd run around believing anything". Neil DeGrasse discussed the flat Earth theory as well as laws of physics and how universe favors spherical body in his book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry".

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