Pokemon Go Adding Mew And Quest System In Big Update

Pokemon Go players rejoice! Updates are coming.                  Niantic

Pokemon Go players rejoice! Updates are coming. Niantic

Quests and storylines are coming to Pokemon Go.

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Anyone who played Pokemon Red and Blue knows that Mew was the last numbered entry in the first generation. Starting this week, players will have access to two new gameplay features: Field Research and Special Research. Research Tasks will allow for those who don't like the group battling system, to have still have fun and capture legendaries. Later this week, PG trainers will receive new activities and challenges to take on that will end up yielding in-game rewards. Players will also earn a stamp for the first Field Research quest they complete each day, although there is no limited to how many tasks can be completed in a single day. Special Research "may be requested by Professor Willow himself" - while we don't have full details, that's presumably objectives given to all players simultaneously. Apparently, there's no limit to the number of research tasks you can complete in a day, so you can have as many as you want. So it only makes sense that Mew would be at the center of Pokemon Go's first story-driven missions. Collecting seven stamps will lead to a Research Breakthrough, which will unlock even more rewards, including a possible encounter with a Legendary Pokemon. Throwing the legendary Mew into the mix is sure to get players excited, too, as the little pink Pokemon has a lot of mystery surrounding it, including its ability to learn any move (assuming Niantic sticks to the classic games).

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