PUBG adds emotes and friends list, despite anti-cheat delay

PUBG adds emotes and friends list, despite anti-cheat delay

PUBG adds emotes and friends list, despite anti-cheat delay

The latest patch, now being tried out on test servers, will bring some big new additions including friends lists, emotes, and achievements.

Players using in-game cheats in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is nothing new.

Apart from the smaller map, "PUBG" will also be introducing an emote system to the game, something which "Fortnite: Battle Royale" has also had since its release.

For the Xbox users, we have good news, the PUBG Update is here and claims to have fixed the issue in the recent update.

12 default emotes are in the game for now, and more will be added in future. If you have a PUBG account, you can add friends regardless of the platform they're using, whether it's Steam,, or DMM. To perform them in game, you hold down the emote menu key, which defaults to ~, and then you left click the emote you want. PUBG Corp. has also introduced a friends list; this is independent from your Steam friends list and allows you to add up to 50 other players as friends.

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More new and much-needed features will soon be added to "PUBG", and players are advised to keep their eyes open for announcements.

In addition, you will be able to speak to your team during the main menu screen and actually see who is speaking, as a little speaker icon will appear beside their name.

There are tweaks and performance improvements here and there as well, with lag reduction and bug fixes in lots of different areas.

This has been pushed back due to changes being made, so fans will have to wait to hear more about this. Following the recent anti-cheat update, PUBG Corp. didn't offer any further information about when or if this patch would be coming back.

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