Soon after governor signs gun bill, NRA sues to block it

Broward County deputy Scot Peterson's radio calls in the minutes after the February 14 shooting show he nearly immediately identified that the shots were coming from inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School's freshman building.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had said Peterson should have gone inside the building and killed the gunman. It also includes a number of provisions aimed at allowing law enforcement to confiscate guns from those who are being or have been involuntarily committed.

Bondi also lauded the students of Stoneman Douglas, many of whom have called for tougher gun laws.

Rick Scott signed a far-reaching school-safety bill Friday that places new restrictions on guns in the aftermath of a deadly school shooting, cementing his state's break with the National Rifle Association.

Florida governor Rick Scott signed into law a package of gun laws on Friday that, while not giving activists exactly what they wanted, would have been unthinkable just a month ago. "There's no question that they were the difference makers", Moskowitz said. "And that is why I'm signing the legislation today". Florida's teachers' union and the National Rifle Association are opposed.

According to the new Florida state law, the minimum age to buy any type of gun is raised to 21 years old from 18, though with some exceptions.

Guilford County Schools spokeswoman Tina Firesheets said the scope of walkouts districtwide would likely become clearer soon.

A man who shot up his NY school as a teenager has praised the activist students from Parkland, Florida. Republican Rep. Jay Fant said raising the minimum age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 was unconstitutional, and he voted no.

Pomona Officer Killed, Second Wounded by Barricaded Suspect Who Has Not Surrendered
It remains unclear whether the barricade situation is still ongoing, and no details about the suspect have been released. Dozens of law enforcement vehicles lined the streets during a somber morning procession for the fallen officer.

In a statement Thursday, NRA and Unified Sportsmen of Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer called the bill "a display of bullying and coercion" that would violate Second Amendment rights and punish law-abiding citizens.

The teacher-arming provision would allow school districts that don't want to participate to opt out.

This article has been updated with more details on the Florida law. "But we know how to work phones, so give them a call". Instead, he wanted lawmakers to adopt his own $500 million proposal to put at least one law enforcement officer in every school.

For Andy Pollack and his son, Hunter, it was a day of mixed emotions as they watched the governor sign the school safety legislation into law.

"This bill is not flawless, and sadly it will not bring back the 17 lives lost in the horrific school shooting, but the safety of our children is not a political issue, it's simply the right thing to do", she said. "My precious daughter Meadow's life was taken, and there's nothing I can do to change that, but make no mistake, I'm a father and I'm on a mission". Hundreds of thousands of students across the country are walking out to urge Congress to take action and pass federal gun reform legislation. "I'm glad, however, the plan is not mandatory, which means it be up to local elected officials".

The bill is less than what many survivors had sought. He buried his sister, and I buried my daughter. Make no mistake, this will make schools unsafe for Black and Brown students.

"I've heard all the arguments for teachers to be armed and, while this bill would significantly change on this topic, I'm still not persuaded".

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