Taylor Swift hides Joe Alwyn references in Delicate music video

Watch Taylor Swift dances like no one's watching in'Delicate

Taylor Swift hides Joe Alwyn references in Delicate music video

But a source close to Swift defended the singer, saying her video has a "beginning, a middle and an end", plus multiple locations.

So it's no surprise that her new video for Delicate also has a few moments which fans have now decoded and believe offer more clues as to the meaning behind the song, one of the best on Reputation, if we do say so ourselves.

Other hidden moments include references to the track's song title and it's positioning on the album, track number five.

It apparently came about online amid feuds with celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and performer Katy Perry.

The idea of not being seen is so freeing for Swift that she joyously tears off part of her long gown, kicks off her shoes and dances barefoot à la Maddie Ziegler-style through the venue, the subway and then in a city street in the rain.

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While certainly entertaining, Swift's latest release has already drawn sharp critique from fans who have accused her of copying Spike Jonze's 2016 fragrance commercial for Kenzo.

In the Biltmore, Swift receives a mysterious note that makes her invisible to all.

The Kenzi ad shows Margaret getting bored at a glitzy dinner before walking out and have a solo dance off while she's alone. The clip was filmed in downtown Los Angeles and directed by a frequent collaborator, Joseph Kahn.

Just when her fans freaked out and thought that they will never get to see the old Taylor - I guess it's time to ease our shoulders and relax.

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