The Flash executive producer shoots down Mystery Girl fan theories

6 Things We Want to See When Iris Suits up on'The Flash

The Flash executive producer shoots down Mystery Girl fan theories

"It's different because we knew that we were gonna do it in one episode, so it's not like she can go throw all of the trials and tribulations that Barry went through". That's my motto, you know.

On Tuesday night, The Flash will continue to race to season 4's finish line with "Run, Iris, Run".

When Run, Iris, Run was announced, my reaction was more of an "of course" than an 'I can't wait.' Iris (and especially Candice Patton) has earned an episode like this, several times over.

With Helbing having apparently debunked those theories in a flash, the mysterious identity of Mystery Girl just got even more mysterious. For starters, the evolution of Harry that kicked off two weeks ago really gained steam here, and I love the obsessive drive that we're getting from him now.

"Not much, no. I did fight for the shoes". We've got enough superheroes, and that's just not who Iris is.

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Also, at the end of the episode Iris started to write again. I mean, at a wedding. Sometimes you just have to let the chemistry of your leads do the work, and that's exactly what they did. "I think it reignited to her that she still has to find that, and that journalism is a thing that she kind of put to the side to kind of take up the mantle at S.T.A.R. Labs, but it's still a part of her, and it's still the reason that she wakes up". But Harry is clearly going to some dark and unhealthy places, whereas I never once got the impression that Iris' decision to go into the field with her brand new powers was reckless or driven by vanity.

"I thought it was really special", Patton gushed when asked about her first reactions to the "Run, Iris, Run" script. "Iris is a journalist, and I don't know how that's going to shape up on the show, but I do know we want to have her back on her job in some capacity". Helbing has indicated at a clue that lies in the color of her suit. And did my ears deceive me, or did Blake Neely give Iris her own hero's theme, too? I just get so clumsy when I'm nervous.... There were plenty of things to remind us that yes, Iris has been the leader of this team for almost a year now.

Besides, as pointed out by Patton, Iris returning to journalism was inevitable - based on that fateful 2024 "Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis" article with her byline on it, as seen was back on DC-based The Flash's first season.

After Iris did save the day (in the midst of a pretty cool sequence and showdown to go along with it), Barry and Iris used the meta responsible for the swap in Melting Pot in order to be a buddy of sorts for Ralph. "Iris illuminates that, on the show".

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