Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3 remasters for PC are coming soon

A still from the Tomb Raider poster. Image Source

A still from the Tomb Raider poster. Image Source

Realtech VR responded to a gamer who was disappointed with Square Enix over the Chrono Trigger PC port, and lackadaisically quipped about the possibility of realtech VR being forced to remaster the original Tomb Raider games with as poor quality as the Chrono Trigger port.

The original games are there on Steam as well, however they can only run through an emulator, which brings forth a bunch of issues regarding performance, resolution and controls. For 2018, though, the resulting remastering work will also benefit the Steam versions. Thankfully, more modern remasters are on the way that will run at 1080p with 60fps.

Tomb Raider when it released was one of the first third person action adventure game, and has since been hailed as a revolutionary game.

The remasters will feature a new 3D engine along with support for OpenVR, multiple graphic options and an option to play with a controller. OpenVR support is also promised, though the extent of this support is not now clear.

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Less excitingly, the remasters are based on the mobile versions of the original three Tomb Raider games. "Since TR classic is on Steam, we will use the game data from there".

So, the English is a little broken there, but it sounds like the ports will be free of charge for those of you who purchased previous versions of the game.

Tomb Raider Trilogy remasters are coming to PC. Like the Candyman being summoned through the mirror by a poor white victim, realtech VR hopped into the timeline and explained that they weren't forced to remaster anything and that they're now finishing up the remaster for Tomb Raider 3. Are you excited for the new-old games? As always, stay tuned for anything gaming-related!

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