Wrinkle in Time a big leap for teen star

Shout out Vickery acknowledged Monfils on Twitter while sharing this

Shout out Vickery acknowledged Monfils on Twitter while sharing this

Out of the long list of Marvel films, "Black Panther" is the fifth MCU movie to pass the billion-dollar mark and the only origin story to do so. The guides are all notable actresses who feel wasted because they hardly show up in the film and disappear from the third act completely. Surprisingly though, she doesn't come across as very powerful. Which (Winfrey). Witherspoon is the most engaging of the bunch - ditzy and charming and, at 2,379,152,497 years of age, the youngest of the group. This means it was OK for the studio to release it just a few weeks after "Black Panther" - the movies were going for somewhat different audiences, so they wouldn't compete against each other - but it also meant it wouldn't be almost as popular as the Marvel film. Who, Mrs. Which (Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah Winfrey) who prove to her that she isn't ordinary. Her quirk is that she speaks in quotes. And our individuality - including our faults - is what makes us strong.

Meg is the kind of literary heroine that book-loving girls worship. DuVernay's Meg continues to shrink within herself if anyone so much as mentions her curly hair, but her self-image in this fantasy film is subtly informed by the reality of being black and female. The worlds are expansive and varied and would be interesting if the film stuck to them for more than 10 minutes at a time. True equality comes when films from all people can be awesome, good, and bad, and luckily, "A Wrinkle in Time" falls in the middle somewhere. This character doesn't exist in the book at all. But if you have, beware that some elements - including a pretty major plot twist involving Meg's road to heroism - are either compressed beyond recognition (as in a tesseract, perhaps) or deleted altogether.

Storm Reid does do a fine job as Meg. But these universal themes will definitely reach out to young women of color the most, and for such a massive film to cater to everyone and hit home in different degrees is great, and the whole team executes it perfectly. There is only one performance in the film that is worthwhile - Chris Pine as Meg's father. What gave me pause, however, was the short clip before the film. I don't have children; I'll never have children by choice.

And obviously she could: she continued to hone her craft on documentaries, and her first narrative film I Will Follow screened in numerous film festivals around the U.S. For her next film, Middle of Nowhere, she became the first African-American woman to win the U.S. Directing Award: Dramatic from the Sundance Film Festival. Transferring them across dimensions, Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin explore different worlds and universes and expand their minds in order to find Meg's father at the edge of the universe.

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Instead, the marketing focused on the images - people unsettlingly playing ball in a cul-de-sac, a giant green creature, Oprah with divine powers - instead of the epic time-and-space adventure. Additionally, it feels like there are references that kids won't get. Will they recognize Zach Galifianakis (who is hilarious here) in his two minutes?

In the movie, Rowan Blanchard plays a character named Veronica who bullies Meg at school.

By the end of its run, "A Wrinkle in Time" will just about break even, but it will likely lose money once you factor in marketing costs and how much revenue goes to theaters. Uninteresting characters, moments of clumsy dialogue, poor visuals (and poor effects at times), it goes on and on. Not a good dream per se, more so the type that you wake up after and think, "What just happened?"

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