'Enough is enough': Boris Johnson defends Syria air strikes

'Enough is enough': Boris Johnson defends Syria air strikes

'Enough is enough': Boris Johnson defends Syria air strikes

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on April 15 said that his government took the decision. "But it was the world saying that we've had enough of the use of chemical weapons", he added.

Russian Federation has launched a "dirty tricks" campaign against Britain and the U.S. in the wake of the Syria airstrikes as Boris Johnson warned of the need to be prepared for retaliatory attacks.

"Finally the world has said "Enough is enough", and I think it's important that we understand the limits of what we are trying to do..."

Mr Johnson said Mrs May will be making a statement in the House of Commons on Monday and it will give parliamentarians a chance to hold the executive to account.

"In this context, the Council understands the targeted US, French and United Kingdom airstrikes on chemical weapons facilities in Syria as specific measures having been taken with the sole objective to prevent further use of chemical weapons and chemical substances as weapons by the Syrian regime to kill its own people".

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"If and when such a thing were to happen then clearly, with allies, we would study what the options were", he said.

Britain and its allies have since the strikes renewed diplomatic efforts at the United Nations, circulating a joint draft resolution at the Security Council calling for an investigation into chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

"I think Parliament should have had a say in this and I think the Prime Minister could have done that quite easily", Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday.

He said chlorine has been used by "a number of parties in the conflict" in Syria as a weapon. "And there is plenty of precedent for getting it done in this way", he said.

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