False Alarm Set Off Air Defenses

False Alarm Set Off Air Defenses

False Alarm Set Off Air Defenses

Syria's state run television says a false alarm - and not an outside aggression and incoming airstrikes - had set off Syrian air defenses early this morning.

Syrian air defenses intercepted several missiles that penetrated its airspace late Monday over the city of Homs, Syria's SANA news agency reported.

The Syrian Central Media said the missiles targeted Shayrat air base in Homs.

Separately, a commander in the regional military alliance backing the government attributed the malfunction to "a joint electronic attack" by Israel and the United States targeting the Syrian radar system.

"State television showed pictures of a missile but did not report on three missiles that were fired at Dumair military airport, northeast of Damascus", the message said.

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The incident underscored fears of a further escalation in the Syrian conflict after a US, British and French attack on Syrian targets on Saturday and an air strike on an air base the previous week that Damascus blamed on Israel.

Pentagon denies any involvement, claiming that there was no USA military activity in this region at that time.

The tripartite attack was in ostensible retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime on the Syrian city of Douma, which is said to have killed scores of civilians.

Experts from the global chemical weapons watchdog are in Syria and are now expected to visit that site in the town of Douma Wednesday. An Israeli military spokesman said he was "not aware" of the incident and U.S. defence spokeswoman Heather Babb said there were no American operations in the area. Both Damascus and its ally Russian Federation have denied using any such weapons.

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