Florida woman accused of giving her child meth, pot

Mother accused of letting her 2-year-old smoke methamphetamine and marijuana	 	 	 			Kaitlyn Ecker

Mother accused of letting her 2-year-old smoke methamphetamine and marijuana Kaitlyn Ecker

Ecker was arrested after her 2-year-old daughter tested positive for drugs at such a high level that investigators believe the child was made to smoke the drugs on multiple occasions, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

"People "joked" about the child's ability to roll joints for (Ecker, )" WCSO wrote in its report.

The investigation into the case first started in January when the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office learned a child might have been involved in using both drugs. She did admit that she smoked marijuana the night before and that she did meth four months earlier. The investigators recovered two glass meth pipes, two grinders, a small bag, which tested positive for crystal meth, an electronic scale, and a plastic bottle the woman fashioned into a smoking device.

Ecker was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana (less than 20 grams) and possession of drug paraphernalia on that date.

In January, a child abuse investigation was launched against Kaitlyn Ecker. The results from the toxicology report were returned on March 15, and they revealed the two-year-old tested positive for meth and amphetamine.

Ecker told police she shared a bedroom with her child and admitted she had smoked marijuana and methamphetamine, but said she never did drugs in the presence of her child and her child had never been exposed to drugs.

Ecker was arrested and booked into the Wakulla County Jail.

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The employee reportedly said she saw Autumn Heinz, 30, hiding behind a cabinet in the laundry room with what appeared to be a meth pipe nearby.

Kaitlyn Ecker, 20, was arrested April 12, 2018 on charges of child abuse, lewd and lascivious battery and transmission of harmful material to a minor. However, she denied knowing if the child had been exposed to drugs.

Heinz told police she had refitted the cabinet as a place to "get away" during breaks but asked for an attorney when questioned about drugs, reported KULR.

The 30-year-old, who has been working at the YMCA for three years in the infant center, admitted to having a history of drug use with heroin and opioids.

She was charged at the time with misdemeanor marijuana possession and possession of paraphernalia.

It is unclear if Ecker is the child's mother.

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