Former Dolphins cheerleader sues team, claims religion, gender discrimination

Former Dolphins cheerleader sues team, claims religion, gender discrimination

Former Dolphins cheerleader sues team, claims religion, gender discrimination

Ware contended that she became "a target of discipline, ridicule, harassment and abuse" from the team's cheerleading director, Dorie Grogan, and other coaches and representatives of the squad only after she posted an off-season photo on social media of herself being baptized before her third season with the team.

Ware says she was questioned about it by the team's cheerleading officials, who also asked her about her decision to forgo sex before marriage. According to the complaint, as Ware explained that she shared the personal information only when asked, Grogan interrupted her and said, "As far as we are concerned, you have taken something that was once upon a time pure and lovely and you've made it dirty". She and her lawyer say the National Football League could do more to protect cheerleaders, but instead has ignored them.

Ware and Bailey are represented by the same attorney, Sara Blackwell.

Bailey Davis, a former New Orleans Saints cheerleader filed a complaint after she was sacked for a racy social media post.

Ware's claims follow those of other former cheerleaders who spoke to The New York Times in a report detailing allegations of fans groping and sexually harassing cheerleaders.

"My virginity got brought up and I said, 'I am waiting for marriage, ' and they said, 'Well, as far as we're concerned, you've taken something that was once upon a time pure and attractive and you've made it dirty, '" Ware said.

In the complaint, Ware states she was held to different standard than players who often cite their faith publicly.

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"It was a dream job for me, so I do understand why girls want to do it", said Thibodeaux in a TV interview, "but it was only after participating did I realize, 'Wow I'm really being taken advantage of'".

Kristan Ann Ware, who cheered on the Dolphins for three years, charged in a complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations that the workplace turned hostile after she told some of her fellow cheerleaders that she was waiting until she was married to have sex.

"The NFL and all NFL member clubs support fair employment practices", NFL spokeman Brian McCarthy said. The silence needs to end.

Ware claims she was told by coaches to not discuss her virginity in an end-of-the-year meeting.

Ware also claims a blog post she wrote for the Dolphins website removed all mentions of her faith and that the team's Instagram account did not tag or promote any of her posts which mentioned her religion. "Everybody who will work in the N.F.L., including cheerleaders, gets got the right to work in a beneficial and respectful environment that is free from any and all forms of discrimination and harassment along with fully complies with state and federal legislation".

Ware pointed to Miami Dolphins players who did not have their religious views censored in social media posts in the complaint.

"[They said], 'Just hold the apples and, you know, and kind of play with them like they're...'" she said as she trailed off. Grogan yanked on the straps of the suit until red marks appeared on Ware's skin, according to the complaint. "We want them to ahve us over and say, 'Where are we going wrong, and how can we fix it?' As an employment lawyer, it wouldn't cost them a penny to make this a successful and wonderful program, where people could be proud and not be harassed and not be discriminated against". "It was God's ideal timing and I had to be honest with my story".

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