God of War soundtrack available to enjoy now


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In order to celebrate the nearing release date, PlayStation has released a brand new video that chronicles the many journeys Kratos has taken throughout his life.

"Atreus is the hand that pulls humanity out of his sort of dark heart", Barlog continues and says that Kratos' son helps the violent warrior find a new goal in life and their journey will help him regain "a small fraction of his humanity".

God of War is the new entry into the third-person action franchise and while it shares the name of its predecessors, it is a different beast entirely.

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There's a telling scene very early on in the new God of War, in the denouement of an exhausting battle sequence that ends with Kratos and his young son Atreus taking down a massive troll.

FYI, this is a site-wide eBay coupon, so if whatever reason you don't want God of War, feel free to splurge elsewhere. The evolution of Kratos could have gone horribly wrong. A massive kudos needs to be given to the dialogue department at Santa Monica Studios, because how it's handled here is next-level. This new narrative tone has heart, and serves to make Kratos much more relatable in his new role as protector, while remaining as brutal as past installments. God of War is a must-buy experience well worth the wait.

God of War is coming out this week, April 20, 2018, and to celebrate that, Sony is inviting fans to forge their very own God of War Axe.

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