Google introducing Snapchat-style self-destructing messages in Gmail

Google introducing Snapchat-style self-destructing messages in Gmail

Google introducing Snapchat-style self-destructing messages in Gmail

Google sent an email to G Suite users in which the company shared a few of the brand new features that are on their way to Gmail.The changes seem to include a new design, better support, and new features as well. Google promises a "fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web", with features like Smart Reply, the ability to snooze emails, and offline support.

Google is testing a feature called "confidential mode" in Gmail, which allows users sending mail to other Gmail users to set an expiration date for their correspondence, and informs the user that "Options to forward, download, or copy this email's contents and attachments will be disabled".

Gmail may also introduce "self-destructing emails", which become inaccessible after a set amount of time, TechCrunch reported on Friday based on leaked screenshots. Similarly, the actual security offered by this concept may also be limited, as the TechCrunch report notes that there is no control mechanism preventing the user from taking a screenshot of the message.

The tech firm is said to be working on a "confidential mode" which will destroy emails after they have been sent.

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These new features are set to roll out to the G Suite administrators via an Early Access Program and Gmail users will also get the set of new features and functionalities a bit later. "You can open it by clicking this link". This upgrade lets you share more photos, files and videos than ever before using the service. You can simply choose one of the three and hit send, tweak it as desired, or ignore all three and hand craft your own reply.

Snooze an email - You tag an email with a time stamp and it disappears from your inbox and reappears at the time you've chosen.

It can also purportedly be used to prevent recipients from copying, downloading, or printing the content of the email. This is because Google is now asking their users to confirm their Google account to view the confidential email. You can also require a passcode so the recipient can open it with a code that will be sent via text message. Finally, an email can be locked behind a two-factor authentication process to ensure that only the intended recipient can read it. There's also a "compact view" that is similar to Gmail's current layout for users who don't want to change.

It's likely that Google will officially unveil the new Gmail for desktop at its I/O developers event which begins on May 8.

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