Google's Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) Can Help In Cancer Detection

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Google's Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) Can Help In Cancer Detection

The "right to be forgotten" was made into law in May 2014, when the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruled that search engine operators (Google, Bing etc) were responsible for links to web pages that contained personal information, and should therefore remove such links on request of the information owners.

The AIY projects are simple Raspberry Pi powered projects that are powered by Google's AI, with a Google Assistant like smart speaker in the Voice kit, and a more advanced version that uses image recognition in their Vision AI kit.

Google researchers have developed an Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) that utilizes artificial intelligence to help physicians diagnose cancer disease in patients.

The kits are called the AIY Voice and AIY Vision kits respectively. In Monday's blog post announcing the updated Kits, Google also expressed an interest in helping teach students computer science skills.

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The new and groundbreaking feature that we previously mentioned will help Google Maps give out natural directions. The kits will still work with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Although these kits are fully equipped, the devices still have to be assembled and to ease the process, Google has released a companion app for Android users that walks users through the wireless setup and configuration of the smart home gadgets. The revamped website also "includes a new AIY Models area, showcasing a collection of neural networks created to work with AIY kits", the search giant says. "The Voice Kit lets you build a voice controlled speaker, while the Vision Kit lets you build a camera that learns to recognize people and objects". Google's new AIY Voice Kit and Vision Kit are already available online at and in Target stores across the country, and Google hopes to offer them in other regions in the coming months.

This is a very cool example of a tech company taking some initiative to help encourage communities to enhance their STEM programs in schools.

It is unclear if this feature is available to all users or if it is simply a new feature that Google is testing. The internet services giant wanted to cover most parts of India through the Google Street View.

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