Heading to Windsor for the royal wedding? Here's exactly what's happening



"It's a handsome couple, and it's great to see they found love and I just feel like it's going to grow because there's a generation who are going to discover the royal family in a slightly different way - I think this is a really good time for Meghan and for Harry".

The prior "Suits" celebrity and also the royal were seen in public as a few September 2017.

Berry said: "Pubs are a cornerstone of many communities and I'm encouraging people to raise a glass to the happy couple in their local on May 19th".

The man who has also written about Prince William and Kate, Wallis Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Monica Lewinsky said he believes the "stars were aligned" for Prince Harry who is said to be "besotted" with his American fiancee.

It appears that there is more royal wedding drama brewing, thanks to Meghan Markle's family.

"I think she'll bolt".

Despite still being pretty up there in terms of bookmakers' odds, one person who has denied that she'll be designing Markle's dress is Victoria Beckham.

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United States host James Cordon also revealed this week that Victoria and David Beckham are going.

Greer, 79, who is not an advocate of marriage and calls the institution "a hopeless system" sounded disingenuous when she conceded, "I wish them all the best, I hope they have a wonderful life together", laughing. Her first husband reportedly went from "cherishing Meghan" to feeling "like he was a piece of something stuck to her shoe". At least that's the claim coming from royal biographer Andrew Morton's new book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.

The former Northwestern student was spotted at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, after her plane landed at 11.30am, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"She will have grasped instantly that here we have a situation where she's giving up a lot in order to hopefully achieve a lot more. I can't think of a single reason", she said.

"The narrative is always, "You build them up and knock them down".

"The word I am getting from the palace is that Harry is absolutely besotted with her", he said. "She expects to have a good time".

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