Israel says Syria brought airstrikes on itself

A Syrian man carries a child as buses with Jaish al Islam fighters and their families on board arrive in northern Syria from their final holdout of Douma in Eastern Ghouta

Israel says Syria brought airstrikes on itself

British Prime Minister Theresa May described the strike as "limited and targeted" and said she had authorized the British action after intelligence indicated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government was responsible for an attack using chemical weapons in Douma last Saturday.

- US President Donald Trump condemned Syria's two main allies, Russian Federation and Iran, for supporting "murderous dictators".

The combined U.S., British and French assault appeared more intense than a similar strike Trump ordered nearly exactly a year ago against a Syrian air base in retaliation for an earlier chemical weapons attack that Washington attributed to Assad. "These are not the actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead", said Trump.

"We don't expect that we'll be a position where we're having to make further strikes", he told LBC radio.

The attack involved munitions fired from aircraft and naval vessels, including about 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Pentagon also employed the B-1 strategic bomber.

"We selected these specific targets both based on the significance to the [Syrian] chemical weapons program as well as the location and the layout", said U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday the first team was already in Syria and a second was expected soon. Whether the United States and its allies will pursue further action in Syria would "depend on Mr. Assad should he made a decision to use more chemical weapons in the future", the secretary said.

"Nothing is certain in these kinds of matters". "This time, our allies and we have struck harder".

Le Drian says France has two priorities: fighting against the Islamic State group and restoring peace and stability in Syria.

Russian Federation has always been threatening the United States with "serious consequences" to its missile strikes against the Syrian regime over the alleged chemical attack in the rebel-held town of Douma. "All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris".

Many politicians in Britain, including some in May's own Conservative Party, had called for parliament to be recalled from a break to give authority to any military strike.

Clarke added however, that "President Trump must also hold Putin accountable for his enabling of the Assad regime's atrocities against the Syrian people".

In his speech at the White House, Mr Trump condemned the alleged attack last week.

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Asked by reporters if the United Kingdom would consider another strike if the chemical attacks in Syria continue, May didn't elaborate but said the Syrian regime should be in no doubt about British resolve. It added that 13 missiles were shot down.

The latest chemical attack follows the suspected Syrian-sponsored sarin attack in April 2017, which reportedly killed 89 people.

Russian Federation has reacted with displeasure.

Trump announced on Friday that he was ordering to "launch precision strikes on Syria".

She said Russian Federation had used its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to prevent a proper global investigation of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime in its ongoing civil war.

She said nearly a century of global acceptance about not using chemical weapons had been eroded in Douma and Salisbury.

USA aircraft including B-1 bombers and ships were used in the attack, United States defence officials said.

On April 9, USA ambassador at the UN, Nikki Haley, says Washington is determined to "see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the Syrian people is held to account".

On previous occasions when chemical weapons have been used "any attempt to hold the perpetrators to account has been blocked by Russian Federation at the (United Nations) Security Council", May said, adding she feared "diplomatic action on its own will be no more successful than it was in the past".

Australia's military presence in the Middle East is limited, and Defence Minister Marise Payne has confirmed the ADF did not, and was not asked to, take part in today's military action. The airstrikes were "not about intervening in a civil war (or) regime change", May said. Neither that strike, nor Friday's, was done with Congressional approval.

Some lawmakers are already questioning the legality and domestic and worldwide implications of the strikes.

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said "Britain should be playing a leadership role to bring about a ceasefire in the conflict. United States president, UK prime minister and the president of France are criminals", Khamenei said in a speech cited by Iranian TV.

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