Japan, China agree to mutual official visits by Abe, Xi

Japan, China agree to mutual official visits by Abe, Xi

Japan, China agree to mutual official visits by Abe, Xi

For the first time in eight years, China's top diplomat is in Japan, in what is being seen as a major step forward in improving the frosty relations between the two sides.

Wang said his visit was China's answer to "positive" messages and policies by Japan. The event will discuss The Future of Banking - Evolution, Revolution Or Big Bang by bringing together regulators, banks and disrupters, as digitalisation and innovative business models are affecting the environment in which financial institutions operate.

THE leaders of China and Japan are expected to pay reciprocal visits as relations between their countries warm, the Japanese foreign minister said on Sunday.

"Since past year, Japan has, in relations with China, displayed a positive message and friendly attitude", Wang said at the meeting, adding that he hoped that the visit would help the two countries move towards better ties.

"I hope that we will be able to discuss what and China can work together on in the global arena, not just bilateral issues", Kono told reporters on Friday.

He finally managed to turn the tide past year with a qualified pledge of cooperation on Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature Belt and Road trade and infrastructure initiative.

The visit by Wang, a veteran Japan handler who had served as an ambassador to Tokyo, comes as the world's second and third largest economies attempt to ease tension, caused by longstanding disputes over maritime claims and Japan's wartime legacy.

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The ministers talked about recent developments in North Korea but Japanese officials refrained from clarifying whether they discussed specifics from the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Xi in Beijing late last month.

Mr Kono, who visited Beijing in January, stressed that the two countries share the same goal on North Korea.

With Mr Moon and US President Donald Trump preparing for separate direct talks with Mr Kim, Japan fears being left on the sidelines.

"To establish a complete, irreversible and verifiable denuclearisation of North Korea we agreed to continue to fully implement all relevant United Nations resolutions and to work closely together", Kono said.

Abe is set to meet Trump in Florida this week, where he plans to press the president to maintain a hard line on North Korea and seek to persuade him to take a more multilateral approach to trade.

A high-level Japan-China economic dialogue will resume Monday, amid concerns in both countries about the potential for a trade war sparked by the U.S. The Chinese are seeking Japanese cooperation on U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs implemented last month, Kyodo News reported Saturday, citing people close to the talks.

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