Japanese, 112, takes over as oldest man

Japanese, 112, takes over as oldest man

Japanese, 112, takes over as oldest man

The world's oldest living person in the history of the Guinness Book of Records was French national Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122.

He then cut into a celebratory cake, declaring it "delicious".

A CENTENARIAN aged 112 years and 259 days whose family has run a hot springs inn for four generations is officially the world's oldest man.

A 112-year-old Japanese man born months before Albert Einstein published his theory of special relativity was recognized on Tuesday as the world's oldest man.

Nonaka lives with his family, which manages a hot springs inn. He married his wife Hatsuno in 1931 and the pair had five children, according to Guinness World Records.

Born July 25, 1905, the supercentenarian said some of his secrets to living so long is indulging in hot baths and candies, The Daily Mail reported Tuesday. She also credits his stress-free lifestyle and delicious candies, both Japanese and Western - his favorite being strawberry sponge cake.

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It took the Guinness World Records senior consultant Robert Young an extensive research process to confirm that Nonaka is indeed the "World's Oldest Man". Nonaka also spends his time watching TV - sumo wrestling in particular and reading newspapers.

As a note, Guinness Records is conducting research to find the world's Oldest Living Woman.

His granddaughter told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that, although he uses a wheelchair to move around, his general condition is good.

The world's oldest living person is Nabi Tajima, a 117-year-old resident of the southern Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima, according to the USA -based Gerontology Research Group.

Guinness World Records was now investigating possible contenders for the title of the oldest living person as no one has been recognized since Violet Brown of Jamaica died in July 2017, at the age of 117 years.

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