Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Classic '80s LCD Platformers As Mini-Games

Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have Some Weird Old School Mini Games Shannon Grixti

Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Have Some Weird Old School Mini Games Shannon Grixti

Square Enix revealed this addition to a special event held recently in Anaheim, California.

A new trailer has revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will include a collection of Game & Watch-like minigames.

While kingdoms in Kingdom Hearts are traditionally areas Sora and the gang physically travel to, the trailer implies that Classic Kingdom may just be a gaming handheld that Sora finds and spends time messing around with.

The games are inspired by classic cartoons of Disney and titles that were common in 1980.

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The new trailer for the most-awaited video game features the Classic Kingdom. For now though, check out the trailer below to see what to expect.

While we know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to release in 2018, there hasn't been an official date from Square Enix quite yet.

You can see a few screenshots below and the trailer is at the end of this article. The retailer later changed the release date to December 31, indicating that the game will arrive this year.

Kindgom Hearts 3 has been announced for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for sometime in 2018, but Square Enix has yet to delve into specifics.

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