Newborn's Body Flushed Down Toilet At Kerala Clinic, Parents Missing

Killing the girl child

Newborn's Body Flushed Down Toilet At Kerala Clinic, Parents Missing

On Friday, however, plumbers who were called in to clear the clog were horrified to find the head of a baby pop out of the commode, as they drained out the water.

The incident came to light after the plumbers tried to open the choked toilet at the clinic of Dr Abdul Rahman in Palakkad's Malappuram.

The body of a two-day-old baby which was flushed down a toilet was recovered in Kerala's Palakkad, according to several media reports. The report said the placenta of the baby was intact, which raised suspicions that it might have been dumped soon after birth, according to the report. The newborn's body, the placenta still attached, was stuck in the duct, the police said.

An investigation is now underway and police are trying to find the newborn's parents, who are believed to have fled.

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The records of all the patients, who visited the clinic recently, are being checked.

"There wasn't much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet", a sub-inspector of the Nattukal Police Station told The NewsMinute.

Due to the presence of blood inside the commode, the police believe that the mother of the baby delivered inside the toilet and flushed the child down. The body hadn't decomposed when we recovered it. A case of unnatural death was filed on the doctor's complaint, but the parents have not been identified yet.

In another incident earlier this year, the body of a newborn baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag hidden inside an aeroplane's toilet.

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