Over 200 participate in March for Science

Over 200 participate in March for Science

Over 200 participate in March for Science

The event was about supporting science on all platforms for all people.

Last year's March for Science was the largest ever public demonstration on behalf of science, with over a million marchers in 600 cities around the world.

Saturday's crowds were notably smaller than those that showed up for the first march in April 2017, but attendees expressed as much optimism and hope as they did past year. Making sure that the education system does not impart ideas that contradict scientific evidence and to enact policies based on scientific evidence was also a part of their demands.

The march started at the Barry Events Center and ended at the Marquette Commons with a rally.

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Mittleman, who works in science communications, told CNN she was advocating for "so many things!" The rally included opportunities to register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot, make signs, get a button, sign up for mailing lists and listen to a slew of speakers ranging from experts in physics, computer science and geology to a local comedian talk about the importance of science and facts. Let me repeat: "Good science needs good democracy", she said.

Lehigh University Assistant Professor Joshua Pepper said science is also hurt by attacks on immigrants and refugees because science is driven not just by homegrown scientists but also by foreigners who come to the U.S.to study and perform research.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium held a similar event previous year for the inaugural march, featuring several of the aquarium's African penguin colony residents.

The rally and march are meant to serve as "a physical and symbolic show of the movement toward a future where science serves all", says a press release from the organizing committee. Education should not be limited to scientists, she said.

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