Pac-12 Commissioner Scott statement on Commission on College Basketball report

Pac-12 Commissioner Scott statement on Commission on College Basketball report

Pac-12 Commissioner Scott statement on Commission on College Basketball report

That's according to the Commission on College Basketball. We also share the Commission's concern with the current state of youth basketball and echo that all stakeholders - including the NBA, NBPA, NCAA, and USA Basketball - have a collective responsibility to help bring about positive change. By giving players freedom, the NCAA would lessen the potential for corruption because players will have more options for their careers.

Instead, the commission called on the NCAA to help those more interested in playing professional basketball to find a path for them to achieve their goal.

"Currently, non-scholastic basketball is an ungoverned space with coaches, players and their families, agents and sponsors exchanging money and goods in the hope of future benefits and without accountability", the commission's report said.

The NCAA is conducting its own commission on college basketball to try and clean up the sport headed by former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

And while it called for a fresh look at whether athletes should be able to earn money from the marketing of their name or likeness, the panel noted that the NCAA should not - and, in fact, could not - take action until the courts resolve the issue via pending legal cases.

- Ban college coaches from non-certified non-scholastic basketball events.

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When a federal investigation revealed some of the shoe money was being funneled to recruits to influence their choice of schools, the NCAA's hand was forced: It had to deal with the worst-kept secret in college basketball.

We are particularly pleased that numerous Rice Commission's recommendations parallel those of the Pac-12 Task Force, which were unanimously embraced by our Conference's 12 presidents and chancellors in March. The panel she led has been charged with finding ways to fix a sport reeling from a fraud and bribery scandal. (While the NCAA and its member institutions can call for a change to this prohibition, it is an National Basketball Association rule that can only be changed at the professional level.) Professional-bound athletes forced to spend a season in college are considered more likely to accept money and benefits from boosters and agents, who have a financial interest in funneling these athletes to their institutions of choice, contributing to the corruption and lack of integrity necessitating the Commission's formation.

The commission also wants to improve the NCAA's ability to handle academic cases, an apparent nod to North Carolina's multi-year case that ended in October with the school receiving no penalties for irregular courses featuring significant athlete enrollments.

Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins was part of the Rice commission.

"If the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, who together control draft eligibility, do not agree to make a change, we believe it will be very hard to bring about meaningful reform at the highest levels of college basketball", the BIG EAST said in the report.

A panel tasked with reforming college basketball says the NCAA should work to end the one-and-done era and punish coaches and programs that cheat more harshly.

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