Russia, US headed for clash at UN over Syria gas attacks probe

Russia, US headed for clash at UN over Syria gas attacks probe

Russia, US headed for clash at UN over Syria gas attacks probe

It was the second vote by the council on Tuesday.

The Russian military says the Syrian government is now in full control of town on the outskirts of Damascus that was held by the rebels and that was the site of suspected chemical attack over the weekend.

"It seems that it has finally become clear that those in the West who are exploiting humanitarian rhetoric and trying to justify their military presence in Syria by the needs to crush jihadists are actually aligning themselves with them and seeking to dismember the country", the envoy stressed.

The UN Secretary General on Tuesday called for global investigators to have unfettered access after an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

Russian Federation said that the Western powers "cynically" carried out military action hours before a team from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was set to begin an investigation into the suspected chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta that sparked the intervention by the USA and its allies. Other members of the 15-member council abstained from voting.

According to diplomats, the USA position was that "we are negotiating in good faith", but the world was looking up to the Council to act. The only other country joining Russian Federation against the resolution was Bolivia, while China abstained.

In the past, Trump has condemned others for forecasting military plans, repeatedly blistering President Barack Obama during the 2016 campaign.

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned USA coalition airstrikes in Syria as a violation of worldwide law. Most members of Congress - Democrats as well as his fellow Republicans - praised Trump after the strike previous year.

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The Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia hit back at the U.S. accusing them of planting the resolution as a "pretext" to justify action against Syria. "Syria will not be unnerved by this new aggression", Syria's Ambassador to China and former ambassador to the United States, Imad Moustapha, told Sputnik. "The record will show that today some countries chose to stand up for truth", Haley said. Five Council members, including China, backed the measure.

"Either way, the United States will respond". He said Syria would fully cooperate and provide access to a liberated Douma. He accused the United States of introducing the resolution knowing it would not pass so they could use it as a pretext to attack Syria.

"Anyone with a brain knows that the so-called chemical weapons attack was a total false flag", said Adam Garrie, the Director at Eurasia Future, a news and analysis website. Russian Federation has submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council denouncing a missile strike by the United States and its allies against Syria and demanding that they immediately stop their aggression against that country.

Russian Federation has used its veto power 11 times at the council to block action targeting its Syrian ally.

A Russian resolution that would have set up an investigation overseen by the Security Council also failed to pass.

Macron on Tuesday evening said he wants "a strong and joint response" to the attack, saying that France would decide in the coming days alongside the USA and Britain.

"All sides know what is going on, and the Russians have actually been predicting U.S. military action over Ghouta for some time".

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