Russian Federation blocks Telegram, forcing Kremlin to switch communications service

Борьбу Роскомнадзора с Telegram высмеяли в меткой карикатуре

Russian Federation blocks Telegram, forcing Kremlin to switch communications service

The actions of the leadership of the company managing the Telegram messenger pose threat to Russia's interests and security of its citizens, Maria Smelyanskaya, a representative of Russian communications watchdog Roskomnadzor, said during the hearing on the messenger blocking on Friday.

The access to Telegram will be denied and there won't be technical conditions for sending messages, reported the Russian news agency TASS.

Russia's state media watchdog Roskomnadzor asked the court to ban Telegram "immediately" after its ruling.

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Russian web service providers now have 24 hours to fulfill the order. This was stated by Alexander Zharov, the head of Department. Telegram said those demands would be impossible to implement since the keys were stored on users' devices. Telegram's litigation team has achieved its immediate goals set for them by Telegram's creator, Pavel Durov, related to the dispute with the FSB (Russia's Federal Security Service) and the Federal Service for Supervision of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, said Telegram's lawyer Pavel Chikov on Monday, following the start of the messenger's blocking in Russia.

Telegram was unavailable to users on Monday for a short time but was back online later in the day. Messenger's refusal to hand over its encryption keys to the FSB provoked the trial in the first place. After the court verdict was announced, they said the planned to file an appeal. The messaging service offers end-to-end encryption, meaning that Telegram itself has no access to the content of messages. The agency's lawyers also told reporters that access to Telegram in Russian Federation would be restored after the company fulfills the order to hand over the encryption keys.

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