Sea of Thieves Gets First Content Update Next Month

Sea of Thieves до конца лета получит три обновления

All the updates will get players totally free

Sea of Thieves developer Rare have detailed some of the content coming to the game in the coming months, including a new map.

Coming May, The Hungering Deep will arrive that'll offer Sea of Thieves players a new AI threat to the game and a special event.

The Hungering Deep will add all-new game mechanics that will help players defeat this threat. If that wasn't enough, both of these updates will also augment Sea of Thieves with even more new mechanics and threats in order to keep things fresh.

Beyond that, five more content updates are planned for the rest of 2018, but only two have been revealed so far.

Later on in the Summer, players can expect to find a new ship type through Cursed Sales as well as a brand new region named Forsaken Shores. Such weekly events can be as simple as new trading company missions or helping an NPC recover a chest from a location that you would have no reason to explore otherwise. Its new focus will instead be on "meeting your needs", which essentially means more significant content for returning players to jump into.

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Rare also promised "within existing Trading Companies, introducing new ways to play", which suggests the studio is adding a new mission type to the three already in the game.

Sea of Thieves came out in March and some gamers were disappointed by the lack of content the world had to offer at launch.

Sea of Thieves is great... for a couple of hours and then it gets a little tedious.

It should be noted that Rare is being very vague about the nature of these new content updates for Sea of Thieves, likely because they want to give themselves some leeway in the event that plans change.

As April continues, Rare will work on addressing player concerns, but Neate claims that "as we move into May, our focus will shift to new content".

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