'Sea of Thieves' Updates Detailed in Wake of Fan Complaints

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'Sea of Thieves' Updates Detailed in Wake of Fan Complaints

The Xbox and PC exclusive, Rare-developed game, recently surpassed two million players - in part, because it's a part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass platform - and now the developer behind the title has revealed plans for five major content updates over the course of this year.

The Hungering Deep, the game's first content update, will be released in May along with a new AI threat and event. "As we look to add to the game, we will be very purposeful about the type of experience we want to create, and how we want this game to grow", he continued.

The other three content updates are planned to arrive before the end of 2018. "Crews will have to work together to discover and defeat this threat as part of a unique event", says Joe Neate, Executive Producer.

The studio stressed that its plans will evolve based on feedback. "We will also be introducing a number of new mechanics that will assist players on this adventure, and there will be unique rewards that players can earn as part of this event".

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Rare also promises general updates to keep the sailing smooth and the piracy appropriately perilous, and until the new content updates it will be focused on enriching the world, adding new ways to play and to have fun with your crew. The only hint given is that it will introduce new rewards and new mechanics. Later in the summer players can expect to see "Cursed Sails" and "Forsaken Shores" which will introduce a new ship type and map area to explore respectively.

Rare is also deprioritizing the development of some previously announced features: pets, which will let players own parrots, cats and monkeys; and ship captaincy, a system that would allow legendary pirates to become captains of customizable ships.

"Sea of Thieves" is an online action game where players can form a crew, hunt for treasure, kill skeletons, and engage in other pirate hijinks. Each update will be free for all "Sea of Thieves" players.

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