Spotify's mysterious event will be about its mobile app

Spotify's mysterious event will be about its mobile app

Spotify's mysterious event will be about its mobile app

Carl Chery is the one that managed to strike a collaboration between Apple Music and Chance the Rapper, the Grammy-winning artist.

This device, circular design similar to a Google Chromecast, you cannot buy traditionally but it will be included in the price of a subscription to Spotify Premium service with a commitment of one year and that could range between 12 and 15 dollars a month in the United States, as revealed by the Country of Spain. Basa has now joined YouTube, which is believed to be preparing to launch its own music streaming service, called Remix.

This is the second high-profile departure from Apple Music in a week. It comes at an interesting time as Apple Music recently announced the new lead for Apple Music as Oliver Schusser.

To give an idea of what to expect, Spotify shared an invite that reads, "Hear what's next for our mobile app".

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We already know Spotify is a few steps ahead of Apple Music in terms of subscribers and popularity.

Spotify's potential hiring of Chery signals the company's efforts to further bolster its curated playlists feature on its music streaming service.

The company has also reportedly been developing some type of branded hardware.

In an attempt to fight Apple Music and other important players in the music streaming services industry, Spotify plans major changes to its free version of the service, a report by Bloombergclaimed last week.

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