Sri Reddy make derogatory comments against Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Gets Timely Support From Cult Fans

Sri Reddy make derogatory comments against Pawan Kalyan

At the press meet, Sri Reddy said that her protest against the casting couch will continue.

Tollywood Actress Sri Reddy Explosive revelations about the existence of casting couch in the film industry created an uproar on the internet where some supported her move while others slammed the way she did it.

Later, when she was trolled by the social media users and Pawan Kalyan's fans, Sri Reddy apologized to Pawan Kalyan's mother because the swear word is normally used to abuse one's mother.

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"I'm not happy with Pawan Kalyan sir's statement, but it's okay". Little did she know that it would be the beginning of a change in the way her film industry treats women. He was the opinion that Sri Reddy should have taken the legal course rather than sensationalising the issue using media. She showed her middle finger before storming out. Instead of protesting in this manner on the roads, they should go to the police and say that injustice has been done. Controversial actress Sri Reddy and several women's rights activists ganged up and lambasted Pawan Kalyan.

Earlier today, he took to Twitter again talking about Sri Reddy. A month ago, the former TV anchor had started off by speaking about casting couch and hit national headlines when she stripped in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce claiming sexual exploitation and discrimination against local talent. Apart from that, Sri Reddy's movement of gathering 15 other junior artistes got solid response.

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