Stories Facebook to be a new feature

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Stories Facebook to be a new feature

Facebook is calling its AR drawing feature "3D drawing", and it will let users doodle on images they capture using Facebook Camera while clicking or after.

Add 3D drawings will be possible before or during video recording. As Facebook ramps up competition with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, we can likely expect greater integration with AR in future updates.

Facebook is leveling up its Stories feature.

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In addition to the new 3D feature, Facebook has also rolled out an option to create and share boomerangs just like Instagram. With the availability of the AR-based 3D drawing feature clear signifies that a major push is being given to the Stories and it is said to help increase the popularity of stories and drive user engagement. Speaking about the feature to TechCrunch, John Barnett, a Facebook Camera Product Manager, said, "We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them". This, in turn, allows a user to wrap his/her art on the objects which are visible in the camera feed. In the coming days, you will be able to smartly use the Stories section of Facebook as you would be able to explore more of Facebook's Stories features through your mobile app. It will not work, for example, in low light conditions and if the software is unsure of the object. Facebook had its own version previously, which had the same effect as Boomerang, except it had some bugs.

On the other hand, Instagram's Boomerang feature is going to replace the Camera button on the Stories on Facebook. The social media company is now testing different ways to encourage more people into its Stories. It is also making users post to Stories by default when they use Facebook Camera. Facebook Stories will now allow a user to scribble or draw shapes on videos of the world around them.

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