Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

The official YouTube channel for the Street Fighter series began streaming a character introduction video for Falke on Monday. In celebration, Capcom released the first gameplay trailer featuring Falke and her Psycho Power. Falke has the unique ability to infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them, mainly through her staff, which she named Harmony. Like Ed, she wants to escape Shadaloo's grasp.

Falke is the third character of Season 3 following Sakura and Blanka. Falke will be followed by Cody, Sagat and the freakish looking G at a later date. The game maker describes the two characters as sharing "a sibling-like bond" and always looking for others who also need help.

That makes Falke a ranged fighter, with players able to hold a punch button to charge her Psycho Power. Psycho Kanonen allows her to lay down and avoid projectiles while shooting off her own Psycho Power attack.

Furthermore, she plays very much like in Ed in the sense that she can unleash several of her special moves just by tapping two punch or kick buttons.

Arcade Edition includes Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, more V-Trigger moves, Gallery, and a UI design overhaul.

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In this three-block V-Trigger, Falke increases her ability to utilize her staff in various ways.

Pressing HP+HK during this V-Trigger will result in Falke using Psycho Sturm, a sweeping hit with her staff that can be cancelled into to extend combos.

Her V-Trigger II, known as Psycho Angriff, lets her "twirl around hitting the opponent into the air, which she then follows up with a surge of Psycho Power". While standing a blast of Psycho Power can be shot out like a shotgun, in the air a projectile can be shot downwards diagonally, and while crouching Falke goes prone and shoots a projectile at an enemy's feet.

A number of these moves can set up Valke's Critical Art, which launches her opponent in the air and concludes with her bopping them over the head.

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