Tech billionaire Claims his plan to break up California

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Venture capitalist Tim Draper, who authored and chaired the initiative dubbed "CAL 3" says he's received 600,000 signatures - well beyond the 365,880 needed to qualify the initiative for the November ballot.

The jobs at stake in Alameda Country are largely linked to Tesla's Fremont factory, Los Angeles and San Diego counties also employ thousands of people in aircraft manufacturing, as well as pharmaceuticals.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight", Draper said the "CAL 3" proposal would give citizens better representation through three smaller state governments.

Opportunity funding investor and executive producer Tim Draper from "Startup U" discusses at a weapon to the ABC Family television series through the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour at Beverly Hills, California, U.S., August 5, 2015.

Draper's plan would split the nation into Northern California, Southern California and California. The states' names would be determined by its residents.

Draper has claimed that his plan would decrease the strength of educators' unions and politicians in Sacramento, the state funding.

California Capitol building in Sacramento
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A California technology billionaire said on Thursday his long-time and possibly quixotic energy to partition that the Golden State in to multiple fresh countries may be placed before Republicans. Draper said voters overwhelmingly approved the splitting of California into two states in 1859, but Congress never acted on that request due to the divisions that led to the Civil War in 1861.

Although the trade dispute between the United States and China seems to mainly concern Midwest farmers and workers, who disproportionately voted for Donald Trump in 2016 elections, California and the West Coast could have lost the most, a latest report has warned.

Creating two new states would add four new members to the U.S. Senate, two for each of the additional Californias.

CAL 3 is not a pro-secession movement.

"The notion that smaller is handsome has not played out with any foundation in facts", Maviglio said, noting that tiny Rhode Island and the District of Columbia are regularly criticized for mismanagement. "It's kind of a shame with so many important issues facing the state that this wacky idea might appear on the ballot".

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