The Cardinals are Looking to Move Up in the Draft

REPORT Maurice Hurst's heart issue is an issue

REPORT Maurice Hurst's heart issue is an issue

When speaking with reporters last Thursday, New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who has the No. 2 overall pick in Thursday's draft, likened choosing a quarterback this year to picking a flavor of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.

We already know that the Cleveland Browns at one and New York Jets with the third selection are likely going quarterback.

With the National Football League draft quickly approaching, the team's die-hard supporters, and there have been few groups in National Football League history to suffer like this one has the past two seasons, are divided over which of the top four college QBs the team should select.

Josh Rosen of UCLA is the other top quarterback.

Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State. If I were the Giants, I'd draft a quarterback who can lead the franchise into a new era and then use picks on offensive linemen and skill players in later rounds, where there's still value.

If not, well, these are the bumbling Browns. With Matt Ryan's contract extension still looming, the Falcons would be smart to add a change-of-pace quarterback they can groom for the future. There's also a chance Mayfield could tumble from the top-10, according to's Bucky Brooks and Charley Casserly.

Nelson and McGlinchey are the only two players from IN schools likely to hear their names called on Day 1 of the draft, but there are plenty who could get chosen IN the later rounds.

He knows what he's looking for. "You are the most lovely thing I've ever seen in my life". Does he have a strong arm? Can he drive the ball? These are the players that win you games.

I am one of those people who would agree with that logic.

Watch NFL Prospect Saquon Barkley Go Sneaker Shopping in NYC
The deciding factor will be Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur's offensive direction. Webb's progress could be the key as far what the Giants do with the second pick.

The Texans lack a first and second-round pick thanks to trades. "My phone always rings", he said. "They certainly seem like they're making the most phone calls about possibly moving up for a quarterback ... it's safe to assume that 5 or 6 could be potential slots to trade for a quarterback". However, that doesn't mean Dorsey will make a deal. Last year, the Browns got Houston's first-round pick in 2017 and '18, which turned into the fourth overall pick.

Most sportsbooks have Darnold as the odds-on favorite, followed by Allen.

The guess here is Cleveland goes Darnold first, then North Carolina State defensive end Bradley Chubb to pair opposite Myles Garrett at No. 4.

Players from number 1 through to 19 appeared in all five mock drafts analyzed, while picks from 20 to 25 appeared in four, and players from 26 through to 31 appeared in three.

"Baker is as competitive of an individual that I've been around in every sense of the way", Heupel said. "But Drew Brees, his size was questioned many times and he's one of the greatest players who's ever played". He is a man of character.

Garrett was a smart pick, but the Browns haven't been so savvy in recent years.

Most experts project McGlinchey, a three-year starter at Notre Dame and another All-American in 2017, to go later in the first round.

Wide receiver Corey Coleman (No. 15 in 2016) has struggled with injuries and inconsistency.

Wild CardsWould it be a surprise if six quarterbacks are taken in Round 1 Thursday night?

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